06 August 2008

Happy belated b-day Obama!

It was on Monday so I am a few days late (even though I knew about it then, just no time to blog). In any case, I found the Republican National Committee's birthday present quite pathetic, and frankly tasteless (tire gauges to mock Obama's assertion that properly inflated tires saves gas, which IT DOES, you idiot pickup truck and HUMMER-driving Republicans). It seems obvious that they are more about practical jokes (ok it was kind of funny), than smart policy wonkiness.

To boot, I like Paris Hilton's campaign video and I hate her... It just shows how idiotic McCain's PR people can be.

Back to French gossip

So you probably know that Carla Bruni made it to the cover of Vanity Fair and most Americans probably reacted in an expected way- who is she? and why is she on the cover? well yes, they did and all critics were up in arms about her comparison to Jackie O - her gracefulness cannot be compared to the 21st century "sleep with money or power" Carla. If I am not mistaken, I think she beat Michelle (Obama) to a cover of VF?

Here are some articles I enjoyed on this subject:
- Radar magazine: Carla is a snore.
- Nothing like a matching outfit (of this is a photo, but related to the story)
- Huffington Post
- The Times (UK)

Apparently if Carla's transformation is possible, maybe so is Cindy McCain's?

Fish manicure

I want one of these - my feet being in Paris means that they suffer most than most women's feet (walking around for hours in nice looking shoes on uneven cobblestone, as an example). Just give me a fish manicure when I am in the water in an island in the Indian Ocean... not in Alexandria, VA!

beat by bebemoche

ok so if she had a good excuse for not blogging, i have none except lack of inspiration. and if you know my blog that means little. but i found a few stories worth sharing so i am back for a bit at least.

18 June 2008

In memory of Sparrow

I saw a sparrow die today. Sparrow fell onto the sidewalk and was moving slowly, not getting up. I tried to pick up Sparrow with a few envelopes to get Sparrow out of the way. A woman came to help and she took Sparrow in her hand. Sparrow died in her hand with a few women and a child watching. It was nice that Sparrow did not die alone. I shed a few tears for Sparrow after I put Sparrow in a garden to rest.

losers or procrastinators or nerds

in response to Bebemoche

17 June 2008

Who's taller? Klaus or Sarkozy?

Vaclav Klaus is the same height as Carla Bruni Sarkozy. Looks a bit different than the photos of the presidentical couple...

15 June 2008

Lisa Simpson and Lessons in Feminism.

Two great postings by Jezebel.
Ode to feminism
Love for her father turns rebelious
Lisa's got it down...
"Well, I’m going to be a famous jazz musician. I’ve got it all figured out. I’ll be unappreciated in my own country, but my gutsy blues stylings will electrify the French. I’ll avoid the horrors of drug abuse, but I do plan to have several torrid love affairs. And I may or may not die young. I haven’t decided yet."

Lisa Simpson

Real friends...

finally this whole facebook/linkin/myspace phenomenon is supposed to make us feel less lonely? or to show off our capacity to hide behind whatever suits us that day (alcohol, nerdiness, etc.)?

The press and McCain

Why was McCain's pathetically sexist joke from 1998 not reported in major newspapers?
Here it is by the way ("Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno.") as reported by Slate.

What else are we missing on this campaign?

McCain all of the sudden seems to love Mrs. Clinton....

08 June 2008

Philip Glass plays for Richard Serra and Paris

Fantastic experience. I was in the Grand Palais in Paris this evening with about 800 or so other people, sitting on the concrete floor, between the slabs of Richard Serra's Promenade.

Philip Glass played a piano which was slightly elevetated in the center of the crowd for nearly 2 hours - 4 different pieces - including Mad Rush (1979); Etude pour Piano; and the closing bit of Glassworks (1981). My favorite was Mad Rush - which you can see him performing performed on this 1980s' video. It's dark and passionate, and quite short, which makes it all the much more intense. You can listen to other recorded extracts on Glass' webpage.

05 June 2008

Not on the Champs!!??!! Apple Store to open near the Louvre

Finalement, Paris aura son "Apple Store" et au Louvre (galéries du carrousel pour être précis)... comme ça tous les touristes américains pourront dire que c'est moins cher chez eux !

lemon tree / les citronniers by Eran Riklis

One of the best movies of the year. A must-see.
Subtle, simple, beautiful, poignant.

It tells the story of a Palestinian widow whose new neighbor is the Minister of Defense of Israel and his wife. His security forces deem that her backyard - a lemon tree grove she inherited from her father - is a national security threat and must be destroyed. She takes the case all the way up to the Supreme Court, with the help of her attorney (Ali Suliman from Paradise Now.

Here's a review of Les citronniers in French.

It won't come out in the US until the end of the year - but was shown a few days ago in NYC at a festival for "Israel@60".